Balancing Scooter

Blinker relay

Bore well

Capacitor leakage /ESR tester

Capacitor high voltage tester "old school"

Constant current load

Differential probe

Dip Meter

Directional Coupler

ECG amplifier

Electronic fuse

Field Mill

Frequency Counter

Jim Williams pulse generator

Linear Actuator

Line Impedance Stabilizer Network


Propeller Clock

RF Sampler

Speed Test Game

SW regenerative radio

Tesla Coil

Transistor speed

Tube Amp 5F1 "Champ"

Tube Amp "Twin Reverb"

SMS thermometer

UV Sensor Davis 6490

PIC Prog Socket


Weather Satellite Pictures

Weather Now



Other Stuff



Metal Band Saw

Belt Sander

Clock "Simplicity"

3D printing

Failure inspections

Airam led bulb

Internet of Things

Connect to my Picdem_net board