PROJECT: Measure transistor switching speeds

General description: Measrurement of switching properties of different types of transistors in a given test circuit.

Test setup schematic for an NPN-transistor. Function generator is GW Instek AFG 2125.















Transistor Rising signal (delay time +rise time) @50%

Falling signal (storage time + fall time) @50%

Typical application
2N2222 rise (14.4 ns) fall (777 ns) Switching and Linear
2N3904 Rise (10.8 ns) Fall (1313 ns) General purpose
2N5551 Rise (11.9 ns) Fall (2828 ns) Amplifier
C1815 Rise (12.2 ns) Fall (1866 ns) General purpose switching and amplification
BC547 Rise (9.8 ns) Fall (1260 ns) Switching
BF422 Rise (13.4 ns) Fall (8428 ns) High voltage